26 September 2014

Geek Retreat, Newcastle

Not too long ago I went on a mate date with one of my closest friends to Geek Retreat where we had a lovely catch up. Geek Retreat opened early in September at 38 Grainger Street (just opposite Travelling Man, it's bright purple and yellow logo is hard to miss!) and I was so excited about it I knew I would be visiting sooner rather than later.

25 September 2014

The Chocolate House, Kendal

We noticed the Chocolate House when wandering around Kendal (when we visted for MintFest last month) and you can't not visit somewhere with the name The Chocolate House, right? It goes against everything I believe in. 

21 September 2014

17 September 2014

Confessions of a: Blogger

I have loved The Nerdy Girlie's Blogger confessions as well as all of the other posts I've seen going on blogger confessions. I've finally found 10 minutes to write up my own and join in the fun.

Click for image source and The Nerdy Girlie's original post

16 September 2014

Some Advice for University Pups

This year I finished my three year university journey and it is bizarre to think how much I've grown over that time but I also can't believe I was left to decide what degree I wanted to do at such a young age. What I plan to write today is advice I would give to someone about to go in or is halfway through that journey having come out on the other side completely lost. Obviously, we could be completely different people and you might not take much from this but hopefully this can help someone with their university journey.

13 September 2014

10 Disney Cat Names for your new Fluffball (1940's-60's)

It is well established that I love cats and I have a few cat names up my sleeve for the day I get to name my own kitty (I do own a cat but he kept the name he was given when he was rescued). I've wanted to do a fun post on Disney cat names for a while so here it is. Even though Walt Disney wasn't a fan of cats, which really shows through the names and personality of some of these felines, I can't get enough of them. 

Figaro (Pinnocchio, 1940): "In modern French the word figaro has acquired the meaning "barber", reflecting the character's profession." (Behind the Name)

9 September 2014

The Sims 4: First Impressions, Part 2

I've already weighed in my 2 cents about The Sims 4* in Part 1 of my First Impressions, but that was only after 3 hours of play and I want to show a little more about what I've discovered over a few more game sessions. Be warned, I bring some upsetting news.

Life, Death & Woohoo

6 September 2014

The Sims 4: First Impressions, Part 1

I've been complaining for a while now that I wouldn't be able to afford The Sims 4* when it was released and wasn't expecting to play it until Christmas. Lo and behold how a few hints and tweets persuaded my boyfriend and my dad to pre-order a surprise copy for me.