6 August 2014

Shiva's Development over the Final Fantasy Series

One of my favourite elements to the Final Fantasy game series are what I most commonly refer to as summons (although they have went by other names too, e.g. aeons, esper.) Since I've played a few Final Fantasy games and a few of these summons appear in more than once but sometimes alter in form. It got me wondering, how do they look in games I haven't played? How have they developed with technology?
Before we get in to it, the dates are generally the first release date (normally Japan) and all of the images and stuff are not mine - they are from Wikia which is terrible of me, I know, but I want to point out I'm not taking credit for these images, I've just collected them to display in this timeline.


"Shiva's basic physical characteristics are that of a willowy humanoid female with pale skin and long, blue hair so to invoke an image of ice and cold. This image is reinforced in later summon sequences by the addition of arctic winds, freezing temperatures and large ice crystal formations." (Final Fantasy Wikia)

File:FF3 NES Shiva.png

Final Fantasy III, NES version (1990)

FFIVPSP Shiva Summon

Final Fantasy IV, SNES version (1991)

File:Diamond Dust FFV.jpg
Final Fantasy V (1992)

Final Fantasy VI, SNES Version (1994)

Final Fantasy VII (1997)

Final Fantasy VIII (1999)

Final Fantasy IX (2000)

Final Fantasy X (2001)

Final Fantasy X & X-2, Dark Shiva (2001)

Shiva (FFXI)
Final Fantasy XI (2002)

Final Fantasy XIII, Shiva Twins (2009)

Final Fantasy XIII-2, Shiva Twins (2011)

File:LRFFXIII Styria & Nix.png
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Shiva Twins (2013)

File:FFXIV Shiva Concept.jpg
Final Fantasy XIV (2013)

Those were the Final Fantasy series in my eyes, but of course there are a bunch of other Final Fantasy games too in which Shiva has appeared. I'll be honest, this kind of post makes me realise how little I've played in the Final Fantasy series when I consider it one of my favourite series of games. Whoops. These are spin offs, remakes and games in their own right.

File:Shiva fft.jpg
Final Fantasy Tactics (1997)

File:Shiva ffta.jpg
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (2003)
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (2007)

File:Shiva close up ffiv ios.PNG
Final Fantasy IV, DS version (2007)

Shiva RW
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, DS version (2007)

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)

FFD Shiva
Final Fantasy Dimensions (2010)

File:FFIII iOS Shiva.png
Final Fantasy III, iOS version (2011)

Final Fantasy Type-0 (2011)

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy (2011)

File:Theatrhythm Shiva.png
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (2012)

File:Shiva Brigade.png
Final Fantasy Airbourne Brigade (2012)

File:FFTS Shiva Sprite.png
Final Fantasy Tactics S (2013)

File:FFIV iOS Shiva.png

Final Fantasy IV, iOS version (2013)

FFRK Shiva
Final Fantasy Record Keeper (2014)

File:Chocodun shiva.jpg Fffcd shiva Shivaminigame Shiva at Fantasia
Final Fantasy Chocobo Series (various)

I hope I've covered every version I could find. I'll admit I haven't played all of these games on every single console and some I didn't even know existed until now. If anything is wrong do point it out!

I was hoping for a nice progression of graphics and themes, but it's a little all over the place due to different consoles and re-releases. No matter! I personally like the aeon version of Final Fantasy X because her dreadlcoked  hair is big and decorated. I haven't played Type-0 but I enjoy the fact they put Shiva on rollerblades - it makes her seem youthful and sprightly.

Which is your favourite version of Shiva?


  1. Summons <3 Love them!
    I think I would have to watch some youtube videos before I decide my favorite, I how they appear when you summon them, and watch what they do.
    Can't decide on just one, so I'd say the one from FFXIV 7-8 and 10.

    1. I agree, I haven't seen how all of these enter battle or how they attack and I've just looked at the aesthetics. It's really hard just picking one :)

  2. Shiva was always my favorite next to Bahamut and the carbuncle! FFX version was always so cool.

    1. Bahamut and Shiva are two of my favourites and Odin too (but I think that is more to do with him being my favourite in XIII which I'm currently playing) - X was super cool ;) I hope that pun was intended

  3. Shiva was always my favorite in FFVII!! So cool to see them all laid out like that and look at the changes!

    1. Thank you! I think I'll do a few others in the future, it just takes a lot of time to put together and research the dates :)

  4. I really like your comment and I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Go to my blog to see what its about http://daily-mayli.blogspot.de/2014/08/liebster-award.html

    1. Thank you so much! When I answer your questions I'll link you on your blog post :)

  5. So interesting to see what elements of the character design were kept constant with each iteration and what was changed. Neat.

    1. It is interesting to see the different shifts in style and what aspects of her appearance have stayed over the different games :D