24 August 2014

April Ludgate's Tabby Cat Jumper Alternatives

I was watching Parks & Recreation* when I noticed April Ludgate wearing the best outfit ever and for the first time in my life I wanted to recreate it in a fashion post. I'm not that talented however, but I couldn't pass up the chance to write a post about two of my favourite things: cats and jumpers.

The jumper (or sweater) featured in the episode is from J Crew but is unavailable and also costs £98 - way too much money for a lowly unemployed graduate like myself. Instead, I've decided to scour the internet for cute cat jumpers of all prices so we can get excited for the cold weather! 

Before we get in to this I want to say that I'm only finding jumpers that look cute, I don't own them and I can not vouch for the quality or site. None of the images are my own but I've linked the website they originate from and if you click on the image it should go straight to the website page the item features on. Prices may vary due to sales etc. So here we go:

CAT FACE PRINT Sweater Sweatshirt Kitty Pet Mens & Womens Ladies Jumper Meow Feline Celine New Kitten Cute Love Crazy Hip - Birdys Boutique

Cat Face Print Sweater from Birdy's Boutique Etsy Store : £14.99

Cat Vader Jumper Darth Vader Star Wars Movie Animal Shirt Women T-Shirt Grey Sweater Unisex Tshirt Shirt Sweatshirt Tee Size S M L

Cat Vader Jumper from SweaterinBox: £15.37

Knitted Cat Face Print Black Jumper

Knitted Cat Face Print Black Jumper from Thats Point: £25.71

New Breed New Breed Cat Sweater Ladies from PULP: £27.99

Image 1 of ASOS Cat Jumper

ASOS Cat Jumper from ASOS: £32.00

Black Cat Hoodie from ZooHood: £34.99
(I love hoodies, I couldn't help sneaking one in)

Raining Cats and Dogs Sweatshirt from Debenhams: £45

Cat Printed Cotton Sweatshirt from Markus Lupfer: £163

There is so much variation and hopefully I've covered something for everyone. Long live cat jumpers!

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  1. April's wardrobe is amazing in this show! Plus, some very cute cat jumpers above <3


    1. I didn't realise how amazing she dressed until I noticed this outfit and now when I rematch episodes I'm just like, wow, April, nice job getting dressed today

  2. The Marckus Lupfer jumper <3 amazing! x

    1. I know! If only I could justify spending so much on a jumper!

  3. These are too cute! I had seen one I wanted once that had a cat dressed as Dracula! TWO of my favorite things!! xo

    1. Cats dressed as other things is THE BEST so to have that in any kind of clothing is amazing

  4. I think April Ludgate is my patronus.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you for the comment :D I could look at cat jumpers all day