24 August 2014

April Ludgate's Tabby Cat Jumper Alternatives

I was watching Parks & Recreation* when I noticed April Ludgate wearing the best outfit ever and for the first time in my life I wanted to recreate it in a fashion post. I'm not that talented however, but I couldn't pass up the chance to write a post about two of my favourite things: cats and jumpers.

6 August 2014

Shiva's Development over the Final Fantasy Series

One of my favourite elements to the Final Fantasy game series are what I most commonly refer to as summons (although they have went by other names too, e.g. aeons, esper.) Since I've played a few Final Fantasy games and a few of these summons appear in more than once but sometimes alter in form. It got me wondering, how do they look in games I haven't played? How have they developed with technology?

5 August 2014

The Fat Hippo Underground, Newcastle

As part of Restaurant Week (4th - 10th August) in Newcastle the boyfriend and I visited The Fat Hippo Underground last night with the amazing offer of 2 courses for £10! As the name suggests, this restaurant is underground so the photographs are affected by the artificial lighting and instead of heavily editing them so they don't look real I've just tried to make them a little brighter so you can see what is happening. 

4 August 2014

Games I'm Craving to Play

Food cravings? Sure, I get those all of the time. But does anyone else ever get those weird urges to just replay a certain game for a particular detail? 

I'm not going to lie, this might not be the most exciting post ever because all I'm going to do is list all of the games I have a real hankering to play but I surprisingly don't have the time too! I know, little unemployed me is just too busy with other things and my "To-Play" list is full of new games.