6 June 2014

My Very First Video Game

I found a 30 day video game challenge and, if you know me then you already know, I love a challenge. I'm not going to do this over 30 days because I don't want to be a blog that posts every day, not yet any way. Too much pressure I can't commit to yet. The topic from each day interests me and what I'll do is when I feel like blogging I can work my way through that list. I only came across this list when I discovered Jessica's (The Pyreflies) blog and it looks fun so without further ado, here are my firsts in the world of gaming.

Wow, this is a tricky one because I've been playing video games for years, it's got to be close to 15 years. I have a few memories that I deem as my earliest when it comes to gaming so it's fair to say any of these could be my first. To be honest, I'm on a retro game reminiscence and I just can't stop.

Sonic (1991)