25 February 2014

The Name Game Challenge

I didn't want to dedicate this blog to The Sims as I already have a simblr over on wordpress - although that is used more for documentary purposes - but since my most popular post on this is about The Sims, well, yeah. You're going to have to deal with it.

So, I'm an avid Sims player and have been since Sims 1 because I just liked the power over these virtual people and then they could age in Sims 2 and well here I am. Addicted to legacys and challenges and even making my own which is why I am writing this today.

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This is a concept I came up with a while ago and have tried to complete on several occasions but never have. If you don't normally play with these challenges then you're doing it wrong you can find a lovely definitive list and how to do certain things here, the most popular being your classic 10 generation legacy (start with one sim then they have babies, and they have babies, and they have babies and so on for 10 generations)

This is my Name Game Challenge which is also on boolprop, see earlier link, but I'm posting it here so it's safe forever as boolprop went down a few years ago and it was very sad.
Recommended for people who like completeness and working tactically.


You start with a founder (doy) and use the letters of that name to name his/her children, the founder will be destined to have as many children as letters in the name.
Example: Say you had a founder named Lily, Lily is destined to have 4 pregnancies (twins will start with the same letter). So Lily would mother Generation 2 who in this example might be named: Luke, Isabelle, Lucy and Yves. Then whoever was picked for heir, the same would happen again. So for Example; Yves would father Generation3: Yuri, Valerie, Esther and Susan. And so on.
The way names work, the majority of them are more than 3 letters long so you are guaranteed and you can add an extra challenge by using really long names if that's what you want to do. In the same breath there is no name (that I can think of anyway) that encompasses all 26 letters so it is different to the 26 pregnancy type challenges as it is essential for the challenge to spread over several generations.

  • Founder can be male or female, and can move into any size lot or pre-made home.
  • No cheating but mods and CC are allowed
  • Sex of the children can be determined through use of apples and watermelons, twins and triplets can be gained through the fertility treatment lifetime reward and by listening to the radio / watching KidZone - just basically any IN GAME way to have a multi-birth
  • There can only be one heir, male or female, to carry on the game. You can either leave this up to the public with a vote OR chose the heir yourself based on which name is tactically advantageous.
  • All children must live with the founder / heir until at least YA when they can be kicked out. Younger siblings can not be kicked out with first child to hit YA.
The challenge is trying to have a child beginning with every letter (including spares) so planning is needed

Example (same as above): By Generation 3

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z = 6/26

Meaning A B C D F G H J K M N O P Q R T U W X Z are still needed to complete the challenge meaning at least another 20 pregnancies before ending the challenge.
The Challenge ends when you can strike out all 26 letters at the end of the generation, so don't stop mid-name and continue till the final generations youngest is a YA. Extra challenges you can apply yourself like matri/patrical, only using short names or themed names and lifespan is completely up to you. 

Very rarely do I let the simmer in me out, but she loved this post. If you attempt this like a few have, let me know and I'll give it a glance providing you document it and post it to the internet. If not just tell me your stories. I haven't even completed it yet because I've been absorbed by my Alphabetacy (Generation K, it's my personal best in any challenge ever) and I want to complete that.

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  1. Oooh, are you going to let us vote on the ones to carry on the game? Also, do you have a link to your sim blog? I'd like to follow. (My fave was Sims 2. Death by locking them in a room and sticking a fireplace with a chair in front of it was the bees knees.)

    1. I actually found it! https://simblrcb.wordpress.com/ there is all kinds of stuff on there from I don't know how long ago :)
      I also want to do the vote, maybe on twitter? We'll see when I get to that part