2 October 2013

Can an Elder Male have Alien babies (The Sims 3)

Recently I was playing The Sims 3* and I came across a funny dilemma and couldn't find a solid answer anywhere on the internet.

Can an Elder Male, after being abducted, become impregnated with an alien baby?

So obviously, if you don't play The Sims 3 this is going to sound rather weird but to all the Season EP owners out there, hey, I have some answers. Things you need: The Sims 3 base game + The Sims 3 Seasons.

Meet my trouble maker: Zasarn Exipeth. Yes, he looks like an alien but he is in fact a human. I saved him in CAS from a previous neighbourhood and the game doesn't want him to be an alien anymore. It makes me sad but his children have very interesting genes. Here he is turning into an Elder after completing the Adult stage. He doesn't look much like an Elder but I promise he is. It's that green skin, he looks so young.

One night Zasarn gets abducted by aliens and then I begin to wonder if it is possible for a male elder to have alien spawn. The internet told me yes and no all at once. People are confused because elder females can't get pregnant, okay I agree with that. Male elders can have children as long as their partner is a young adult / adult female, again, yes I've played sims for more than 2 minutes I know that. This sort of scenario probably doesn't happen a lot. So can a male elder, after being abducted get pregnant?

The answer is in fact: YES! I had to reload a lot to get the "unexpected weight gain" moodlet but it is possible.

When I've had a Young Adult / Adult get pregnant through alien abduction I've only had to reload the neighbourhood a couple of times (it has a 33% chance of happening I believe) but with Zasarn I literally saved and quit to the main menu triple that easy, at least ten times. To be honest I wasn't counting, I was just so determined to get me an alien baby. My theory is that it is just less likely to happen, so if you are determined to have your elder male have an alien child then just keep going, it will eventually happen. Zasarn is living proof. Trust me on this. I like to save the game as the "abducted" moodlet counts down to ten minutes. Then after saving, let it count down and if you aren't happy return to the main menu without saving and try again.

This is without mods or hacks or whatever. I know there is a mod to allow female pregnancies but I play pure vanilla game after downloading a woohooer mod (allows same sex pregnancies) ages ago that just messed up my computer. I've sworn off them even though they do look cool and shiny. I'm not a supreme computer overlord, I don't get mods. I just make do.

And to round up. Here is my Zasarn giving birth to his pure alien son Barnabas (with wife Narcissa in the background after just having twins girls herself!) On the family tree Barnabas' mother is not showing up so I don't know what has happened there, probably a glitch, but as far as I can tell (he's a child now) he is pure alien, he looks it and has the voice. Update: I can confirm that Barnabas is an alien, I've played him up to Adult and he went off and had his own alien babies.

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All screenshots were taken from my game. This household is part of my BACC where I play without aging, I don't know if that will affect the outcome of the abduction: for example a female can't get pregnant a couple of days before aging even if that is into adulthood so I'm presuming if your male elder is close the kicking the bucket it may not work. Zasarn had literally only been an elder for a couple of days.

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