2 October 2013

Can an Elder Male have Alien babies (The Sims 3)

Recently I was playing The Sims 3* and I came across a funny dilemma and couldn't find a solid answer anywhere on the internet.

Can an Elder Male, after being abducted, become impregnated with an alien baby?

So obviously, if you don't play The Sims 3 this is going to sound rather weird but to all the Season EP owners out there, hey, I have some answers. Things you need: The Sims 3 base game + The Sims 3 Seasons.

14 September 2013

A Job at LUSH

Oh man is this going to be a long post, but hopefully it is very specific and helpful to others who want to go through the process of applying for jobs and interviews. And it's just something to blog about since I haven't in a while.

Even though this is specifically about my LUSH job experience, I've learnt a lot and feel so much more confident about who I am and what I want to do with my life (in the short term... To some extent. Like, who has their life sorted anyway?)

3 July 2013

My First Blog Post: Hello!

Hey, I've decided to try and write a blog. I am Fiona and I spend at least 80% of the time I'm awake in front of a screen. I don't know what this will be about but if The Sims 3 has taught me anything it is that if I just constantly blog and blog and blog I'll get followers and they will give me money. Eventually, I'll sell this blog and maybe get a career in Medicine where I'll start as an Organ Donor and become a World Renowned Surgeon - no qualifications or training necessary. I'm already an organ donor, not full time, but it is a start.